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On The Lot Meet-Ups

On the Lot Meet-Up Session Review

Thank you to all those who attended the tenant meet-up session on 27th January at Pinewood. Please find summary of this quarter’s updates and discussion below.

The next session at Shepperton will be scheduled for March.

Pinewood Group Updates:

  • Commercial update by James Rider, Commercial Director, and introduction to Matt Hodgkin, Media Hub Manager
    • Introduction to the new Media Hub Manager, Matt Hodgkin. Matt has worked for Pinewood for over 3 years and joins the Media Hub from Pinewood’s production management team. Prior to joining Pinewood, he worked as a freelancer on production.
    • One priority is to continue to grow and enhance the OTL community and to develop the link between productions and tenant companies.  
    • Monthly informal lunches in the Club Bar kick off on Friday 31st January 12-2pm. This will be an opportunity to say hello to Matt and to network.
    • Monthly OTL screenings, next up is on Thursday 20th February, Knives Out.
    • All tenants encouraged to join LinkedIn Group and engage with fellow members.
  • Development update by Matthew Wright, Development and Planning Surveyor
    • Phase 2 has been open since October and is at full capacity.
    • 5 new stages to be developed and opened on Pinewood West. Anticipate planning application to come back March/April time. More details to follow at next meet-up.
    • Proposing local road improvements: widening Seven Hills Road, new roundabout at Pinewood Road/Sevenhills Road and signalled junction at Sevenhills Road/A412. Denham Road. Works will take around 12 months to complete, once started.
    • Shepperton expansion covers 1.2 million square foot of space. It is a 10-year outline planning application, and a detailed application will be submitted for the first phase of development this Spring.
  • Operations update by Tristam Slater, Operations Director:
    • Refurbishment of North and South corridor anticipated.
    • New borewells to be drilled, enhancing volume and quality of water pump. Water Towers are set to be removed. Tenants will be notified when this is taking place, but this will not disrupt water supply.
    • 13 of 16 Stage Doors have currently been replaced with horizontal sliding doors.
    • Heating service in the process of being upgraded across site.
    • HV maintenance – substations being updated and replaced. There may be some shutdowns, but this will be communicated in advance.
    • Lifts – re-tendering service contract.
    • Some trees have had to be pruned and removed, but Pinewood is working to replant with North Coastal Redwoods and Blue Cedar to retain the feel of the estate.
    • Studio Reception – working on new initiatives and technology upgrades.
    • New catering contract will hopefully be agreed and announced at the next meet-up session.

 Q&A issues discussed

  • Catering: discussions ongoing surrounding Shepperton coffee shop. Possible temporary solution of opening the canteen until 6pm. Reports of pricing of same item is inconsistent, to be picked up with Genuine Dining.
  • Passes: dual passes can be authorised for Pinewood and Shepperton – just ask reception for access.
  • Passenger and vehicle registration report: expected in the next couple of weeks. A program of white road markings refreshes is planned for the spring. Report of no footpath currently between Double Lodge and Gatehouse. This will be be investigated by the Pinewood H&S team.
  • Car parking: parking spaces in front of Main Admin will be retained but spaces in front of D Stage will be lost with new stage development. Approximately 1200 spaces on East have been opened. From September, there should be increased capacity in car parks as temporary workshops are coming down.
  • Mailroom: A full time Mailroom operative is in the process of being hired to alleviate strain. Mailroom opening hours will then extend to include lunchtimes. Couriers are being pushed through mailroom where possible. Plans are still being looked at to move the mailroom outside of the secure perimeter, but the challenge is finding a suitable facility.
  • Ballroom: reports of Wi-Fi signal not strong in this area – to be picked up with our technology team. It was reiterated that this space is available to all tenants – there is no need to buy food/beverages to use the Ballroom. Tenants to notify Matt Hodgkin or Katy Gamble if they are told otherwise. Set-up of Ballroom to be revised to create a more welcoming space, suggestions included:
    • Music to be more diverse and quieter
    • Cutlery should not be laid out on the tables
    • Dividers for the space
    • Reserved signs for the tables
    • More power points for laptops
  • Toilets: Main Admin toilets are experiencing recurring plumbing issues with the urinals. Props Building toilets are not refilling/water is consistently running or getting blocked. To be picked up with Facility Services.
  • Bins: Rubbish has not been collected from outside Iver Make Up Academy for two weeks – James Marshall to pick up with environmental team.
  • Drive-on access to site: Drive on access is being restricted unless you have a parking space, dropping off is allowed and should be booked with reception when registering a visitor, or on an ad hoc basis for pass holders. Those people who share allocated spaces, should register the second/third vehicles with reception and have your pass updated. Parking on lot outside of an allocated bay or designated general parking bay may see your vehicles access to site restricted.